BUTYRICA have a novel coating technic of calcium butyrate. BUTYRICA is passing the stomach and is gradually released in small and large intestinal. It’s have coating by resin same as coating technic that use in human medicine. BUTYRICA help to improve tight jucntion and stimulate growth of intestinal cell. It’s help to maintain balance of the intestinal flora. Decrased inflammation and Improve production of animals. BUTYRICA is cotain Calcium butyrate 90%

Trade name



Calcium butyrate


Mix with feed(kg/ton complete feed)

 Species Dosage
 Suckling pig 0.8-1.2
 Piglet 0.4-0.8
 Growing pig 0.2-0.4
 Boar and sow 0.5-1.0
 Little broiler 0.2-0.4
 Growing broiler 0.1-0.3
 Layer 0.1-0.2
 Breeding bird 0.1-0.3
 Rabbit 1.2
 Aqua 1.5-2.5
 Cattle 1.5-2.0

Pack size

Bag of 20 Kgs.