Air&Water Treatment

In a world with growing populations, The food industry including the livestock industry is challenged by competing priorities: the ongoing search for resources scarcity and increase production for support food to human. This is the cause of environmental issues (Air pollution, Wastewater) that happen today.  Sanimals would like to be one part of reducing air pollution and wastewater, improve their processes from livestock industry maximum reuse of water and decrease air pollution that affects to farm and neighbor.


Ecotru extra contains useful microorganisms to disintegrate organic compound and treat waste-water from factories, biogas and livestock.Ecotru Extra help to reduce problem in broiler farm expecilly pododermatitis and help to improve production performance . Ecotru Extra deodorizes odors and eliminated toxic gas such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

PRORELEASE PRO3 is protease concentrate. It’s an unique multiple protease, a blend of 3 proteases from two different species of Aspergillus and plant protease. This makes PRORELEASE PRO3 a unique protease that can work at higher temperature and wide pH conditions right from acidic to alkaline pH. It hydrolyzes complex proteins from various substrates (animal and plant source) in the feed and breaks them into amino acids and peptides.

Prorelease P5000 is 6-phytase derived from E.coli. It’s thermo-stable phytase (>85 C) ,non-genetically modified enzymes. Prorelease P5000 helps to saving on the cost of inorganic phosphate and decrese environmet pollution. Improves technical performance, with superdosing effects already observed at double dose.