Feed Cost Solutions

Feed is the largest main cost item for livestock production, counting for 60%–70% of the total cost. Therefore keep feed cost down is best way to improve your chance of making high profit in the livestock industry. The ways to cut feeding costs such as:

Improves Digestibility and Absorption

How to improve feed efficiency in animals? Enzyme using is the way to improve digestibility of feed. It breaks down anti-nutritional factors and releases more nutrients that ready to be absorbed.

Alternative Raw Materials

Raw material prices have fluctuated every time. Market forces of supply, demand and competition can have a significant effect on the price of raw material in the short term. Therefore alternative raw material using such as small gains (barley, sorghum, etc), co-product or by-product (DDGS, hominy feed, bakery meal, etc) that is the way to reduce feed cost. Although alternative raw material can mark lower cost but you must consider about restriction, shipment, freshness, storage life, toxicity, palatability and bulky of alternative raw materials

Decrease Inorganic phosphorus

The feeds are often served with dicalcium or monocalcium phosphate to meet animals requirement. These phosphorus sources have increased in price. It has become commercial to use the enzyme phytase that is digestive enzymes which release phosphorus in plant raw materials can be utilized and less of the inorganic phosphorus is need. It can reduce feed cost and adverse effect of inorganic phosphorus.