Feed Quality Solutions

Feed quality varies with a lot of factors of production such as digestibility of ingredient, formulation balance, raw material freshness, contamination and palatability. How can you improve feed quality? The easy ways to improve feed quality such as:

Increase Digestibility and Absorption

How to improve feed efficiency in animals? Enzyme using is the easy way to improve digestibility of feed. It breaks down anti-nutritional factors and releases more nutrients that ready to be absorbed. Probiotic and Prebiotic can promote healthy gut condition to better absorption

Decrease Contamination

Animal feed contain a wide range of contamination such as environment, bacteria, fungi and mycotoxin. Raw material inspection system is main operation to reduce the risk of contamination in feed production. But the system is not covered any risk. Therefore we should have more measure. Most products to use to reduce contamination as:




Organic Acid, Formaldehyde,MOS


Organic Acid


HSCAS,Cray,Yeast cell wall

Improve Palatability

The palatability of feed is positively correlated to feed intake and growth rate. Palatability of feed is depended on feed ingredient, medicine and flavor compound. Flavor and sweetener additives are most products to enhance palatability of feed.


Raw material management is main system for feed freshness control as first in first out, suitable storage and quickly using for short storage life raw material. Preservative and antioxidant agents are product for enhance feed freshness and decrease adverse effect from rotten feed.