Productivity and Quality improvement

Key points to productivity and quality improvement with additive product include:



Product for measure

Fast growth (increase ADG)

Increase feed intake


Flavor & Sweetener, Glutamic Acid, fermented soy bean meal, Presevative, electrolyte, dipeptide&nucleotide

Energy intake

Fat powder, Emulsifier


Medicine, Probiotic, Prebiotic, Betaglucan

Hormone and relative

Growth Hormone, Cysteamin HCL

improve Feed efficiency (decrease FCR)

Increase digestibility

Enzyme, Acidifier

Increase absorption

Probiotic, Prebiotic, fermented soy bean meal, Amino acid, Organic Mineral

Egg quality

Egg shell quality

Organic Mineral, Vit D3, Phytase

Egg quality&freshness

Fat powder, Linoleic acid, Se-Yeast, Vit E, Antioxidant

Carcass quality


Organic Chromium, Ractopamine, L-carnitine, Cysteamin HCL ,CLA, MgSO4

Improve PSE

Se-Yeast, Vit E, Antioxidant



Cysteamine HCL 50%